About Us

Located in the heart of bustling downtown Charleston, West Virginia

A Catholic, private, coeducational high school enrolling students from a variety of Christian and non-Christian backgrounds and from a wide range of ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds

353 students in grades 6-12, including 220 in grades 9-12

Rigorous college preparatory program for all students

Extensive athletic and extracurricular programs competing with public and private schools in the WVSSAC

100% of graduating classes typically enroll in four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States

Accredited by North Central Association of Schools

Accredited by WVBE Policy 2330.

Administration and Staff

Father Don Higgs
Mrs. Colleen Hoyer
Mr. Jason Villers
Assistant Principal for Operations
Mrs. Meredith Aubel
Assistant Principal for Student Support
Mr. Jake Nelson
Athletic Director
Mrs. Nancy McLaughlin
Assistant Academic Advisor
Mrs. Molly Linehan Belcher
Director of Campus Ministry
Mrs. Michaila Williams
Community Service Coordinator
Mrs. Sherry Shindle
Registrar and Bookkeeper
Mrs. Corrie Lovejoy
Office Manager
Mrs. Sue France
Mr. Rodney LeGrand
Director of Technology


Mrs. Arnold
Ms. Chinn
Miss Cline
Social Studies (MS)
Mrs. D’Alessio
Theology (MS)
Ms. Damron
Spanish (MS)
Mr. Ellis
Mr. Fix
Social Studies
Miss Frazier
Mr. Frohnapfel
Social Studies
Mrs. Griffith
Mathematics and STEM
Mr. Hale
Mrs. Hayes
Mr. Herlihy
English (MS)
Mr. Irwin
Social Studies
Mr. Jones
Mathematics and Physical Science
Mr. Kellison
Health/Science/Soc. Studies (6th)
Mrs. Leven
Fine Arts
Mrs. Linehan
Ms. McNickle
Mrs. Miller
English/Mathematics/Theology (6th)
Mr. Nelson
Physical Education/Health
Miss O’Reilly
Science (MS)
Mrs. Pile
Mathematics (MS)
Mr. Shindle
PE/Health (MS)
Ms. Shepler
Mrs. Shirley
English and Music
Mrs. Urecki
Dr. Walker
Mrs. Walter

A Brief History of CCHS

Sacred Heart Church, founded in 1815 established a parochial school as early as 1869. The parish conducted primary grades irregularly in the 19th century. In 1903, the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, of Stella Niagara, New York, assumed administration of the school.

In 1923, Sacred Heart added high school grades in the former Chilton house in downtown Charleston and named the institution Sacred Heart High School.

In 1940, John J. Swint, the bishop of the former Diocese of Wheeling, created Charleston Catholic High School. Area Catholics contributed to the construction of a three-story building, including science laboratories and a gymnasium, completed in 1941.

Post-war growth of Charleston led to the expansion of the school and the addition of a third floor in the 1950s. Enrollment peaked in the late 1960s and then began a slow decline in the mid-1980s.

In 1986, Monsignor P. Edward Sadie, a local priest, hired Debra K. Sullivan as the principal. Enrollment rebounded through the 1990s. In 1994 construction began on a new math and science wing. In 2000, Charleston Catholic purchased and renovated the Players Club tennis building, adding basketball, volleyball, and training facilities.

In 2014 Debra Sullivan retired as principal, handing the reins to Colleen Hoyer, Class of 1994. In the spring of 2016 plans were announced to build a 4th floor on the math and science wing, thanks to a generous lead gift from the Krupa Foundation. Construction began in the summer of 2016. The 4th floor was completed in the summer of 2017 and put in use starting with the 2017-2018 school year.

2023-2024 will mark the school’s 100th year of continuous operation.

Campus Ministry

As part of the Charleston Catholic High School Theology Department, Campus Ministry is an essential facet of our mission to help students fully develop their God-given talents and abilities. Rooted in Catholic tradition and Gospel values, Campus Ministry nurtures the spiritual needs of members of the CCHS community across our varied denominations and faith traditions. Our ministry has many components: spiritual formation, prayer, reflection, retreats, community services, social justice outreach, and liturgies. Through these and other opportunities, Campus Ministry provides CCHS community members opportunities to grow in self-knowledge and to deepen relationships with others and with God.

HOPE (Housing Outreach Program Express)

HOPE is a community service project sponsored by Charleston Catholic High School.

HOPE has the dual purpose of:

improving the quality of housing for low-income families and seniors in rural southern West Virginia; and
instilling the habit of service in students, a commitment to living the works of mercy.

Charleston Catholic High School has been involved in home renovation projects for disadvantaged West Virginia families for 32 years. Since 2005, HOPE volunteers have improved the living conditions for 144 low-income families in Clay, Wayne, and Mingo counties. Since 2019, partnering with Cabwaylingo Appalachian Mission in Dunlow, we have assisted in the construction of 4 new homes for families living in substandard housing, and have completed home repairs for other folks in the area. To help, click on the Donate button below.

Clay County Christmas Project

The Clay County Christmas party, a proactive way to provide direct services to needy children, takes place about the first weekend each December. Each year approximately 180 families with 450 children are involved in the project. Participating children attend our party at The Church of the Risen Lord in Maysel and have their photos taken with Santa, enjoy cookies, receive stockings from the elves, and pick up their bundles of Christmas gifts and food boxes.

Thanks to our students, families, faculty and staff, and numerous other supporters, the Clay County Christmas Party has been a happy happening for over twenty years. Children’s gifts, stockings, stocking stuffers, and food boxes fill CCHS’s classrooms in preparation for the trip to Risen Lord parish. Sacred Heart Grade School children, their families, and faculty and staff have a wonderful tradition of involvement by providing over 200 food boxes for distribution to families at the party.